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Enjoying Nakedness With Straight Manly Pals

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This post is inspired by the raw and unexpected experience I had at the gym awhile back. It’s not everyday I find myself surrounded by a fascinating sight – two impressive hunks, completely nude and without a care in the world, having a casual conversation.

The perfect material to set up these alluring photos. It appears my gym is quite a popular spot for the gay community. It’s not uncommon to find a few guys engaged in a steamy session in the showers or enjoying a sneaky jerk off session. It’s been quite some time since I last indulged, but I still fondly remember the wild and hedonistic times. Unlike the others, the two friends of mine were quite tame. From the glimpse of their conversation, it appears they both worked at the same company, with a manager that they didn’t quite appreciate.

It made me ponder – back in my younger days, people weren’t quite so coy about being naked around each other. It seems like now, most men prefer to do the classic ‘towel dance’, avoiding the thing we fear most – someone seeing our man-hoods. Increasingly, urinals are coming equipped with weird — nay, silly — screens, while gang showers are becoming more and more sparse. The question I ask, why are us guys today so insecure about the possibility of another man seeing our you-know-what? We should be proud of our assets, not afraid to show them off.

Be sure to check out the explicit shots below – I’m sure you’ll agree they are something special. What do you think – has our generation spawned a more prudish attitude?, and how do you feel about it? Let me know in the comments below.

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